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This sober, serious name is an alternate spelling of the word "sentinel", which is defined as a soldier or guard keeping watch over something valuable. This makes Xentinal an excellent brand for security, privacy and defense-related companies. 

Starting with an X gives Xentinal a particular power and cachet owing to the fact that fewer English words begin with X than any other letter. Prominent use of X connotes mystery, sexiness and prowess. Other high-value brands beginning with X include Xerox, Xbox, X-Men, X-Files & XM Radio.

Xentinal can also be pronounced "zentin-all", making it a top-notch brand for businesses selling pharmaceuticals or nutritional supplements.

Logo Files Included:
Color, grayscale and monochrome logos shown here are included with purchase, ready for use by your design or marketing teams (.png and vector files).

Letters: 8

Syllables: 3