Frequently Asked Questions

About Dynabrands

What exactly does Dynabrands sell?
Dynabrands sells what we call brand packages, consisting of a registered .com (or .org) domain name and associated logo files.

To whom does Dynabrands sell?
Most of our clients are entrepreneurs and startups looking for fresh, dynamic, highly brandable names for their new businesses. We are also a destination for companies looking to refresh and rebrand their existing businesses or products.

Who owns the domain names for sale on Dynabrands?
All domains for sale on the Dynabrands site are owned by Dynabrands (until transfer to buyer).

Why would I want to buy a brand from Dynabrands?
Creating a new brand name is difficult and extremely time consuming. Our team consists of professional writers, designers and marketing experts. Why spend months and hundreds of hours struggling to come up with a name that is also available as a .com address when you can browse our collection of professionally crafted names and save yourself all that frustration? You have products to build and a business to run. Leave the naming to the professionals!

Buying a Brand

When I buy a brand from Dynabrands, what do I get?
You get the registered domain name and the logos featured on the brand's detail page. We refer to this as a brand package. Once your payment has been received, registration for the domain name you've purchased will be transferred to you (or whomever you designate) and the logo files (EPS and PNG) will be emailed to you.

Does buying a domain or brand package mean I'm buying a website?
No. Dynabrands does not sell or develop websites. Once transfer of your new domain name to your registrar has been completed, you can point it (using your registrar's domain settings) to a website you already own or one you develop in the future. The associated logo files you receive from us can be incorporated into those properties (or other marketing materials) by your designer or developer.

What forms of payment can I use?
Dynabrands accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club and Apple Pay. If you prefer to use another method (eg. bank transfer or escrow service), let us know and we can discuss making the appropriate arrangements.

Once I buy a brand, how is the domain name transferred to me?
The process of purchasing a brand and taking possession of the domain name and logos is outlined here (don't worry, it's not as complicated as it looks; there's actually very little for you — as the buyer — to do).

This will be my first domain and I don't have a registrar. Do I need one? Which one should I use?
You will need a registrar in order to take receipt of your new domain name. There are hundreds of fine registrars out there from which you can choose. At Dynabrands, we use and think they're a solid choice. If you need help obtaining a registrar for your Dynabrands purchase, let us know and we can assist you. 

This registrar and domain-transfer stuff sounds complicated. What if I don't know what I'm doing?
Relax - we've got you covered. The process may sound complicated but it's actually just a few simple steps. Rest assured that we will make certain that any domain you purchase from us is successfully transferred to your registrar before we consider the sale complete.

Is a domain I buy really mine?
Absolutely! Once transfer of registration to your registrar is complete, you will be 100% in control of your domain name and Dynabrands will no longer have any association with it.

How are brand packages priced?
Brands are priced by the Dynabrands team based on the quality of the domain name and current market conditions.

Some brands listed on Dynabrands say they come with free Alternate Domains. What does that mean?
We sometimes register multiple variations of a domain name in order to "protect" it from mis-spellings by a user and to offer the buyer a choice of which spelling to use. These additional domains are included free in the brand package with the purchase of the primary domain. Any alternate domains provided with a brand purchase will be listed on the brand detail page. For example, our brand package comes with registration for the name at no extra charge. This allows you — as the buyer — to use the plural version instead of the singular version or to point both to the same site (so that a user typing in either address will be taken to the same site). Note that the logos in a brand package will only be for the primary brand. Logos for alternate domains are not created or part of the brand package. 

Can I buy a domain without the Alternate Domains?
When offered, the alternate domains for a given brand come as part of the brand package. You are not required to use them but there is no discount for purchasing a brand without them. If you do not wish to have registration of the alternate domains transferred to you, just let us know during purchase and we will simply let the registrations for those domains expire (which will put them back onto the open market).

How long does the domain transfer process take?
Transfer of a domain name from our registrar to yours typically takes 3-5 days but can take a few days longer in some instances.

What if I want to cancel my order? Do you offer refunds?
Under certain circumstances. Orders can be cancelled and refunds made only under the following conditions:

A) Dynabrands has not yet approved transfer request from buyer's registrar AND
B) Associated logo files have not yet been sent AND
C) Cancellation request is received within 14 days of purchase

Once Dynabrands has approved a transfer request from the buyer's registrar and/or logo files have been sent, orders can no longer be cancelled and refunds can no longer be issued.

Please note that domain transfer requests are typically approved by Dynabrands as soon as they are received.

Refunds will be issued minus a 10% processing fee.


How long will I own my domain?
You will own a domain name as long as you continue to keep it registered (with your registrar). Prices vary but many registrars charge about $10/year to renew a domain registration.

Why do you only sell .com domains? What about .net and all the other domains out there?
We cater to businesses looking for a premier, professional presence on the web. In the big leagues of business, that still primarily means a .com address. We also develop names for non-profit organizations looking for top-flight brand names, so you may occasionally see .org domains available on our site as well.

What is a .org address for?
Domains ending in .org are primarily used by non-profit organizations. Dynabrands does occasionally develop brands for non-profits, so you may see .org domains available amongst our collection of .com addresses. If you represent a non-profit organization and are specifically looking for .org addresses, you can find them by either entering non-profit or .org in our search field, by filtering the Brands page by those terms, or by just clicking this handy little link right here: Brands for Non-Profits. Note that we may not currently have any .org brands available.

I own a domain name that I'd like to sell. Will Dynabrands buy it from me?
No. All of the brands for sale at Dynabrands are created and developed in-house. We do not purchase brands or domains from other entities. 


In which formats are the logos delivered?
Once the domain transfer is completed, the logo files that are part of the brand package will be emailed to you in both EPS and PNG formats. We will send you each logo in both ™ and ® versions, so that you can use whichever is most appropriate for your situation as it evolves. 

Do I have to use the logos that comes with my domain package?
No. The logos that come with your brand package purchase are yours to do with as you please.

Can I buy a domain without the logos?
The logos featured with a given domain come with that domain name as part of the brand package. You are not required to use them but there is no discount for purchasing a domain without them.

What if I want to make changes to the logos I've purchased?
You or your designer are free to make edits to the logo files in your possession as you please. If you do not have a designer and/or would like to work with the designer who originally created your logo files, we may be able to put you in touch following purchase. You can then make financial arrangements with that designer for the work you have in mind. Please note that it is not always possible to connect a buyer to the original designer.

Are the logos and domains you sell trademarked?
Trademark law requires that a mark (name and/or logo) be in actual use for specific goods and/or services before it can be trademarked; therefore it is not possible for Dynabrands to trademark any of the brands we sell.

Please note that Dynabrands does not conduct trademark searches for any of the brands offered on our site. We strongly suggest that you consult a trademark attorney with any questions regarding trademarking a brand you are considering.

Additional information on trademarks can be found at the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office). If you are outside the US, see the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Directory of Intellectual Property Offices to find the relevant authority in your country.

Custom Brand Creation

I've looked through your collection but can't find a brand that meets my needs. Can you develop a custom name for my company?
We are not yet offering this service but will be in the near future. Sign up for our mailing list (see the bottom of this page) and be the first to know when our Custom Naming Services go live.