About Us

Dynabrands is a boutique naming shop based in New York City. We create and sell highly brandable business and domain names for clients in a range of industries.

At Dynabrands we offer a highly curated selection of brands for those seeking a ready-to-go name for their company or product. Each "brand package" consists of a pre-registered .com (dot com) domain name and professionally designed logo, which become the sole property of the buyer, following purchase. 

Why Dynabrands

Anyone who's tried to come up with a great name for a company or product knows that it can be frustrating and eat up huge amounts of time and energy. Even if you come up with something perfect, finding a variation that’s available as a .com domain name is next to impossible. It can seem that every word in the dictionary, every popular phrase, and every clever combination of words is already taken.

Dynabrands solves this problem by creating and selling freshly-minted words. Words that are unique, memorable, easy to say and spell, and that evoke positive feelings and associations. These word creations are Dynabrands’ specialty.

Our continually evolving collection of brand names can give your company or product a fresh face and new identity that will shine in a crowded marketplace. Imagine your new brand working for you on Google, social media and in traditional marketing channels.

How We Started

A few years back, a couple of friends (with decades of experience in design and marketing) were trying to come up with a name for a new online apparel business. We wanted it to be unique and memorable and — equally important — it had to be available as a .com domain name. Using regular words or even combinations of regular words was fruitless; any reasonably interesting domain name was already taken.

We decided to get more creative. Using sounds and phonetics and bits of related words, we started creating hundreds of unique possibilities for our clothing business. The process was so addictive, we found ourselves coming up with names for all kinds of businesses and sharing them with friends and colleagues for opinions and feedback.

We quickly discovered that people found our names entertaining and unique. And because we had created them out of whole cloth, they were much more likely to be available as domain names than straight dictionary words. We started registering the most interesting ones without any real idea of what we would do with them. We just knew that the names held value.

Eventually someone came along and offered us cash for one of our names. It was through this sale that we understood that our names were brands that could help companies tell their stories and distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace. And so, in a canoe on a lake in rural Vermont, Dynabrands™ was born.

Startups are our bread and butter

With an exploding startup scene in our home base of NYC and other startup hubs coming online around the globe, Dynabrands specializes in new companies looking to create unique, scalable brand identities. Check out our complete collection of brands to see how we can help your company get the attention it deserves.



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